This Is Probably the Best Looking Keyboard/Gamepad You'll Ever See For the iPhone 5

By Sam Gibbs on at

Magnets? Check. 2mm thin? Check. Keyboard and gaming controller? Check. Bluetooth, with '40 hours' battery life? Yep, this thing sounds awesome. Meet the Ex-Hybrid controller from China -- lord knows if it's actually any good or not, but it certainly looks slick.

The contraption consists of a clip-on case, and two aluminium plates, one with a traditional keyboard stamped into it, and one with a game controller. Of course, there are no physical buttons so the game controller will only be marginally better than the on-screen variety, but at least you won't be covering up the action with your stubby fingers. £50 or there abouts all-in, with shipping from Hong Kong. I have to say, I'm sorely tempted. [iPhone5Mod via 9to5Mac]