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The expansive screen of the Samsung GALAXY Note II makes it a great ebook reader, but the vibrant colours of its HD Super AMOLED pixels make it an even better device for reading comics.

There are now loads of ways to get the best in comics on your Note II from downloaded scans to subscription services. And if you have read your fill of sequential art why not try making your own?

Here is our pick of the best apps for viewing and creating comics on your GALAXY Note II.


Comics by ComiXology


ComiXology pioneered the 'guided view' method of viewing comics on a digital screen. Rather than simply display a comics page as a flat, zoomable image the guided view shows you each panel in sequence, sometimes adding elements like dialogue and sound effects captions later in the sequence to give a greater sense of the action unfolding.

Thanks to the GALAXY Note II's expansive display you may want to view comics the old-fashioned way and ComiXology's app will do that just fine too.


DC Comics


DC is the home of the 'big three' of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, among other comic book legends. This app uses the same engine as ComiXology cross-publisher version, but this is geared for the dedicated DC fan in particular.

Buy and view the latest issues and delve into the back catalogue to complete your collection.




If you have ever had the burning desire to turn your friends and family into comedy villains or comic-book heroes, then this is the app you need.

With tons of multi-panel layouts to choose from and loads of classic comic graphics, fonts, filters and customizable captions, you and your gang can now star in your very own comic book adventure!


Dark Horse Comics


Independent publisher Dark Horse became an established name in the 1990s with darker titles aimed at a more mature audience, such as Hellboy, 30 Days of Night and Sin City.

Dark Horse tends to price its digital comics rather cheaper than its rivals and also offers a large number of issue one tasters for free.




If you have a collection of comics in CBR or CBZ form, or just a load of scanned pages, Comica is a beautifully presented viewer app makes reading a real treat.

After scanning your memory card for comics files it can read, Comica offers a flippable gallery of covers that you can browse through quickly to get to the issue you want. The viewer is fast and flexible and you can customise the interface to suit the GALAXY Note II's screen dimensions.


Manga Watcher


Manga Watcher is a comics viewer app optimized for fans of the Japanese style of comic, Manga. As well as excellent viewing skills for JPG and PNG files Manga Watcher will let you import archives in ZIP format and view their contents without unzipping again.

The app has links to several popular Manga download sites, although do be aware these can sometimes host adult content.




Lithic transforms your pictures from the camera or gallery into multi-panelled comic-style images complete with text captions. The app adds filters to your pics to turn colour images into seemingly inked or painted reproductions.

Several panel layouts are available and the overall effect is reminiscent of more than a few indie comics.


Comic Strip It! Pro


Comic Strip It! is another app for turning your photos into comic strips, this time with more colourful filters and a selection of speech bubbles and sound FX captions.

Where Lithic will construct a page of moody, indie-style comic art Comic Strip It! is ideal for photo stories constructed from single panels. Import from your gallery and add a bit of KERPOW! to your snaps.


Paper Artist

Free (bundled with phone)

Paper Artist will turn any photo (from your Note II’s gallery or directly from the camera) into a sketch, etching or painting. It simply uses a bit of image processing code and can look quite effective and - as Paper Artist was designed with the Note II in mind - you can use the S Pen to draw over the top or 'scrape away' the painting to reveal the real image underneath, which can create some brilliant effects.

Use Paper Artist to add a more professional looking sketch or paint effect to your own photos and import them into Lithic or one of the other comic creators featured here.


Photo Comics Pro


This is a fun app for ‘comic-izing’ your photos that doesn’t bother with fancy photographic filters but instead gives you a palette of props, heads and captions you can apply like resizable stickers with a flick of your S Pen.

The app is intended for making individual images but you could easily import your creations into another app like Comic Strip It! or Lithic to build a complete strip.



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