Why Sony's Xperia Z is a Hard Nut to Crack

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There's a lot of technology inside Sony's new Xperia Z smartphone. A high-res 1080p full HD Bravia display, a fast quad-core processor and a 13-Megapixel camera. You're going to want to take care of it. Fortunately, Sony's toughened chassis helps the Xperia Z look after itself.

The Xperia Z has two key elements that combine to make it much more durable than other smartphones -- officially certified water and dust proofing ratings, plus a new form of toughened display glass known as Dragontail.

Drop your precious Xperia Z down the toilet and it will survive, thanks to IP55 and IP57 dust and waterproofing accreditation. The latter means the phone can survive a 30 minute sinking in up to one metre of fresh water, so as long as you've noticed it languishing down at the bottom of the U-bend the Xperia Z will be just fine. It'll need a wipe, but it will be fine, really.

The Xperia Z IP55 rating, meanwhile, is to protect it from dust. Or, more likely, protect it from severe build-ups of pocket fluff. Either way, it's a sturdy phone built to survive the hazards of modern life.

The premium 5" display has been toughened as well. Sony's using a new glass technology known as Dragontail to harden the smooth front of the Xperia Z Mobile Bravia Engine 2 display, a glass that has been specifically engineered to combine thinness and strength, resulting in a screen that's good looking, tough and resistant to scratches.

After all, a phone as beautiful as the Xperia Z shouldn't be hidden from view in some crappy rubber protective case, should it?