Yes, you read that right. Brian Blessed, actor, legend, and possessor of the finest vocal cords in the kingdom, can record you your very own voicemail. How, you ask?

It's simple: be one of the first 100 people to buy an HTC 8S or 8X on O2, take a cheesy selfie of yourself with the phone, post it to @O2 with #brianmail, and wait for the lyrical baritone magic to happen. We've just checked, and an 8S with a 24-month contract, all in, costs £332 over the lifetime of the plan. That's totally a reasonable amount of money to spend for the best voicemail ever.

I don't care that it's a shameless marketing stunt, and that I'd be selling my Twitter-soul to O2; I would be perfectly happy never answering my phone again if I had this voicemail. Now out of my way, people, I've got a phone to buy. [O2]