Rumour: The PlayStation 4 Will Cost Over £270

By Casey Chan on at

Everybody is expecting Sony to announce the PS4 on February 20th that it's a forgone conclusion at this point. Now rumours are coming out about the price of the next generation system. Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun is reporting that the PS4 will retail for over £270. Expensive?

Specifically, the Asahi Shimbun reported a 40,000 yen price which translates to £271 in real money. For reference, the PS3 launched at 50,000 yen for the base model and 72,000 yen for the 60GB version. In the UK, the launch price was £425 for the 60Gigger, which was the only model initially sold in the UK. So possibly a little more affordable than the launch of the PS3, but significantly more expensive than how much the PS3 costs now. Which to tell the truth, isn't that surprising.

The Japanese paper also references a controller that has the same shape as the Dual Shock 3 with the addition of some sort of touchpad. We'll find out what's what on February 20th. [Asahi via The Verge]