Samsung Beat Apple in Total 2012 Smart Thing Shipments

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats covering the global connected devices market for 2012 show that Samsung is definitely the new number one, with its mix of high-spec flagships and budget clunkers dominating the smart gadget world.

According to analyst IDC, Samsung managed to ship a total of 250m devices in the "smart connected" tech category, beating Apple's 218.7m by quite a margin. That gave Samsung 20.8 per cent of the global market, compared with Apple's 18.2. Samsung's performance means it managed to increase its share by 119.3 per cent year on year, while Apple's was up by 44.3 per cent.

A rather distant third place was taken by Chinese giant Lenovo, which shipped 78.3m smart thing units, ahead of HP on 58.2m and Dell on 38.8m. The data shows just how far smartphones have come, with the former desktop and laptop giants left sobbing in the dust by our modern smartphone lusts.

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