Shooting Challenge #13 -- Results

By Martin Snelling on at

The time has come for me to once again reveal the winner, or in the case of this week's result, the winners of the most recent Shooting Challenge. Originally, the plan was for me to pick one overall winner, but I was so impressed with two entrants -- one shot on a camera, the other on a 'phablet' -- that I decided both were worthy winners.

Before I announce the lucky winners, I just wanted to say that you need to stick to the rules and follow the brief. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, a few people failed to follow one or the other and so were disqualified. I know there wasn't a prize this week, but it is good practice to always read the rules/brief and ensure your entries comply.

So, on to the awards... (ooooh, I'm coming over all Oscar)

The nominations for best postcard-style photo shot on a digital camera in natural light are:

D. Bailey
S. Hart
A. Adams

And the winner is.... Spencer Hart with 'Chichester Cathedral 2'.

Here's some words from Spencer.

'The picture was taken using my Olympus OM-D EM5 in Chichester. I was very lucky that the weather has been quite nice recently. The image was taken around 10.00 am with the Olympus 12-50mm on the OM-D. I used the widest angle to get as much of the building in as possible. Shot at f/4 with a shutter speed of 1/2500 sec, iso 200.'

It's a great capture and one that would work really well as an official postcard for Chichester.

The final award is for most unusual tourist hotspot captured on a mobile device with natural light. And the nominations are:

H. C-Bresson
F. Herzog
G. Lindley

The winner is.... Graham Lindley with 'Staffordshire Power Station'.

Here are a few words from Graham.

'The image was captured on a Galaxy Note II whilst I was lucky enough to be visiting a power station in Staffordshire. I've always thought of these things as ugly blots on our landscape, however I was struck by the magnificent beauty when up close (who knew they were on stilts?).'

I really loved Graham's image, and I could imagine it on sale at the Power Station gift shop with the words 'Wish you were here...' written in script on the front. It's the sort of postcard I would buy and send to my mum.

You'll find all of the submissions over on our Flickr page; so go check them out.

Thanks to everyone that submitted images; there will be another Shooting Challenge next week.