Would You Like to Write For Gizmodo UK?

By Kat Hannaford on at

I'll warn you upfront: these two opportunities are unpaid, but if you're a young 'un wanting work experience, or someone merely wanting to spout off about their chosen subject in under 1,000 words, we want to hear from you.


Work Experience

Many of our interns have gone on to incredible jobs at the Metro; The Gadget Show, or in Chris Mills's case, landed a job right here with us on Giz UK. If you require work experience as part of your degree, you'll gain some valuable experience working at one of the country's largest publishing houses, plus a few bylines to add to your CV, too. We won't even ask you to make the coffee for us -- we'll make it for you.

For more information on our unpaid two week-long internships, please contact Gizmodo UK Editor Kat on kat.hannaford[at]futurenet.com. You must be aged over 18; have your own laptop, and be able to travel to our London Marylebone office each workday.


Spiels From Them Below

You might be a little older than the wannabe-interns looking at the opportunity above. You might be entirely happy with your chosen career, but just love writing for the sake of writing. You might not even like to write, but might be so enthused (or rankled) by a particular subject, that you feel the need to mouth off about it in around 600 words.

For the last six weeks, we've been running a weekly column series for the readers, by the readers, called Spiels From Them Below. We've had an anonymous Jessops store manager talk about their administration; a musician raving about the various ways bands can promote themselves in this digital age; a comical tale of upgrading to Windows 8, and a look at the puzzling issue of online dating's ever-present stigma in 2013.

We're looking for readers or commenters to write one column for us (there's a different columnist each week), so drop me an email on kat.hannaford[at]futurenet.com with an idea or two of what you'd like to write about. While we don't pay for these columns, we can plug your blog, Twitter account, or even chosen charity if you'd like.

Hope to hear from you!

Image Credit: Only Fools and Horses

Updated: Please note that we're not looking for freelancers; writers for regular posts, or anything other than what's listed above.