Do You Think Obese People Should Pay More for Plane Tickets?

By Chris Mills on at

News from Norway, and a batty/genius professor has vocalised the thoughts of anyone who's ever been stuck in economy next to someone a bit on the heavy side: maybe fat people should pay more for their plane tickets. It might sound unfair/unlikely to ever happen under the EU, but hey, it's being proposed by someone with a Ph.D, so let's take a moment to consider the merits.

The proposal, put forward by Dr Bharat P Bhatta, is for a pay-what-you-weigh scheme, with a skinny runt passenger who weighs say, 60kg paying half what a 120kg customer would. His logic is that pricing by weight/size is common in other transportation industries, like parcel shipping, so there's no reason it shouldn't be adopted by airlines. And, of course, a heavy passenger takes more fuel to transport to their destination, so in theory, this scheme would be fairer, if waaaay less PC, than what goes on at the moment.

Although personally I love this idea (yeah, I'm pretty much the aforementioned skinny runt), I'm not exactly sure it's likely to ever succeed. Sure, parcels might be priced by weight, but I can't exactly see the always-politically-correct EU signing off on a procedure that penalises people based on their body shape. Still, what do you reckon -- is it time lighter passengers stopped subsidising heavy-weight air travel? [Daily Mail via Metro]

Image credit: Obese Man from Shutterstock