Have Sex in a Tab While Playing Skyrim With These Internet-Controlled Sex Toys

By Gary Cutlack on at

The futuristic concept of "cybersex" might about to be finally kick off, thanks to the LovePalz collection of sleek 'his and hers' internet-controlled sex toys that are scheduled to launch at the end of March.

Just $189 gets you a wireless male or female device, with the maker doing a good job of creating discrete objects that resemble a modern Thermos flask from the outside -- but pop open to reveal a thing that goes into her and a hole for him to insert his little chap into when it's time for some remote-activated sex action.

Internal pressure and speed activators apparently combine to let users feel what their partner is doing to them via the company's web interface in real-time. If nothing else, it ought to enliven the webcam sex industry a little.

The original plan was to have a controlling app available as well, so partners could whip out a phone in a meeting and send commands to their partner's hooked-up sex dongle back at home. But Apple's restrictions look like putting a stop to that. Maybe this could therefore be another killer Android exclusive? [LovePalz via TechCrunch]