Hooray! Another New Kind of Mobile Payment System has Launched!

By Gary Cutlack on at

Yes! Awesome news! There's now yet another new way to utterly bewilder the poor old lady in the newsagent by waving your telephone at her instead of handing over some money, thanks to Trinity Mirror going it alone and launching a bespoke mobile app that lets you pay for its newspapers using your mobile.

But this is no fancy NFC system. Trinity Mirror's PaperPay app lets you set up an account and fund it by Sagepay, Paypal or premium SMS, with the app then generating a barcode for the shop to scan in, meaning you pay for a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual subscription through your phone, and leave the shop assistant confused about what just happened and possibly feeling like the victim of a theft.

Trinity Mirror says some 47,000 newsagents ought to have the PayPoint or Payzone tech required to make it work, and it's being pitched as a simpler way to manage your newspaper subscription -- but will only work with the Sunday and Daily Mirror papers at the moment.

A pretty terrible concept, but you can at least get your first five papers for free if you give it a whirl when it goes live next Monday, so there's no harm having a quick test. [Google Play & iTunes via TNW]