Kingston HyperX Predator Review: 512GB of Flashdrive In Your Not-Even-Bulging Pocket

By Sam Gibbs on at

Flashdrives are a dime a dozen these days, hell, you can even get them in cereal boxes. But what if you needed to store something really, really big, and probably confidential on an easy-to-lose stick? Kingston's got you covered with its ludicrously expensive 512GB HyperX Predator USB 3.0 flashdrive. Just imagine how many nuclear codes, confidential files, and how much, errr, porn you could lose on this thing. WikiLeaks eat your heart out.


What Is It?

It's a USB 3.0 flashdrive with a colossal 512GB of storage.


Who's It For?

Anyone who wants to store a lot of data attached to their keychain.



It looks more like film prop from some sci-fi thriller than a flashdrive; maybe a mini reactor or futuristic grenade, or something. It's got a connector protector that slides back so you can slot the thing into your computer of choice.


Using It

Plug it in. Drag and drop. Pull it out. Yeah, it's not rocket science.


The Best Part

512GB in your pocket.


Tragic Flaw

Its connector sheath, that slides back so you can plug the thing in, unfortunately, isn't stiff enough to make sure the protruding connector doesn't become exposed in your pocket. You'd be really pissed if the tip of your £646 data-Tardis snapped off in your pocket, wouldn't you?


This Is Weird

It's thick, really thick, which means that if your computer's quite thin, it's going to raise the thing off the deck. I see a lot of snapping potential if you end up doing that, so you'll have to carry around an extension cable with it.


Test Notes

- It's light, compact, and easily fits in your pocket.
- The connector protector slides back into place with a satisfying click.
- You suddenly feel unbelievably paranoid with £646 sunk into something you could so easily lose out and about.
- It's fast, in fact it's about as fast as Kingston says it is in our testing, approaching the 250MB/s read and 160MB/s write. But if you're really that interested in speed, why don't you buy yourself a lightning quick full-blown SSD instead?
- Even on USB2, this is the fastest flashdrive I've ever used, but then you'd expect that, given the above.


Should You Buy It?

Hell no. Who needs 512GB in a flashdrive? Buy yourself a 2.5-inch SSD instead, put it in a USB3.0 caddy, and pocket the £400 at least in change. However, if you happen to have £646 lying around, and you need a load of storage in a very tiny capsule -- say you're stealing a load of your county's national secrets and defecting to the Russians or something -- the HyperX Predator will do the job nicely. Just don't lose it, OK?


Kingston HyperX Predator

Size: 512GB (1TB on the way)
Speed: 250MB/s read, 160MB/s write
Price: £646
Giz rank: 3

Chris Mills' photoshoppery skills weren't harmed in the making of this report.