MP Wants "Criminal" Twitter Banned

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bonkers MP Gerorge Galloway has tabled a motion that would see Twitter banned in the UK, claiming the US-centric social site is "used for a variety of criminal activities including sending malicious communications."

His main beef with Twitter is the way it refuses to hand over personal details of users unless absolutely forced to do so, saying in his early day motion that: "Twitter refuses to cooperate with the UK authorities in general and the police in particular in trying to detect the source of criminal communications 'unless it is a matter of life and death'."

Galloway's motion also says:

"...this failure to cooperate with the detection of the sources of criminal behaviour is reprehensible," it adds "and calls on the Government to impose sanctions on Twitter until it agrees to fully cooperate with the UK authorities and police in the detection of crime."

Galloway's a prolific provider of banter on the social site, currently sitting on a total tally of 9,878 tweets. He's going to find it a bit hard to get through his days if it does disappear.

The concept of early day motions is to allow MPs to post ideas for debate in the House of Commons. Most fail to pick up enough support to make it that far. This is unlikely to reach critical mass. [PCR via T3]