The Future of Mobile Gaming, Note II Style

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The Samsung GALAXY Note II has proved that the Android operating system is more than equipped for gaming.

You only have to load up a quality, processor-heavy game, such as N.O.V.A 3 (£4.99) to see how effortlessly the quad-core chip inside the GALAXY Note II cuts through detailed graphics like butter, effortlessly pushing pixels around the screen with the minimum of fuss.

A standout gaming display

There are myriad reasons the Samsung GALAXY Note II is good for gaming, but standout is the 5.5-inch 720p HD Super AMOLED screen.

Other handsets just can't quite match what the extra screen space offers the gaming community – after all, a key selling point of most of today’s most eye-poppingly beautiful blockbuster games on Android are 3D high def graphics, which is exactly why gamers cannot sing the praises of the Note II’s expansive screen and superfast processor high enough.

Additionally, the extra screen space means that games that use a virtual joypad are a joy to play, as your thumbs don't get in the way of the action. Which is a real boon for the “larger-fingered” gentleman gamers out there!

Plus, when it comes to games that use the Note II's accelerometer, the screen means that you can hold on to the device and twist and turn it without fear that you will miss an essential part of the game.

The OS is a key part of the game

The key to this fantastic mobile gaming experience isn’t just the device but also the operating system. Android has quickly cemented itself as a place where games developers are clambering among themselves to be a part of.

The last audit saw that there were an astounding 675,000 apps and games on Google Play, the official Android store for applications, proving that this is a platform that is primed for gamers looking to get the most out of their smartphones and tablets.

Game Hub and match

Samsung also has its own excellent game service. Called Game Hub, this is the place to go on your GALAXY Note II if you want to see the best games available for your device. Here you will find games from a number of the best games companies in the world – from EA to Glu to Gameloft.

There's a tonne of social games here as well, some of which make superb use of the GALAXY Note II's S-Pen – such are Maze Racer and Sudoku.

And if you are still need convincing that Android is the place to be when it comes to gaming, then you only have to look at the new breed of consoles coming on to the market which take advantage of the operating system.

New devices such as Ouya, the Wikipad and Project Shield are hoping to capture gamers' imagination and bring Android to the big screen.

GALAXY Note II offers a console-like experience

You will be happy to know, however, that the Samsung GALAXY Note II is already offering a similar console-like gaming experience. If you decide to give mobile gaming a bit of a rest and want to play on the big screen, then all you need is a Smart Dock.

Plug your GALAXY Note II into this device, and you can view you phone content easily on a big screen – including all of your favourite Note II games.

All in, the Samsung GALAXY Note II has been created to be a gaming powerhouse and the amount of games that are of console quality but can be played on a device such as a Note II are growing – in fact, Google Play is positively bursting with games that need the features the Note II has to get the most out of them.

As Eurogamer excitedly exclaimed in a recent GALAXY Note II review: “Games such as N.O.V.A 3 and Jetpack Joyride look beautiful on the large display and the powerful Exynos 4412 chipset appears well equipped to handle more advanced titles.”

And if that's not enough for gamers to take Note, then we don't know what is.