The "I F*cking Love Science" Dude is, Apparently Surprisingly, a Woman

By Chris Mills on at

One of the bright, shining stars of banter in the Facebook constellation is definitely "I Fucking Love Science", a little online home for the best science pick-up lines and nerdy memes. To the surprise of its many, many members, it's actually run by a woman.

It's not actually been a secret that Elise Andrews, the person who runs the page, is actually a girl -- just not a widely-publicised fact. But when she posted a link to her new Twitter profile, most of her followers seemed rather shocked that she wasn't some kind of socially-inept professional redditor (and also rather surprised she hails from Canada). The comments ranged from the inevitable dross you find on a photo of just about any girl on the internet, to surprisingly non-sexist and grammatically-correct messages of support, but it still ticked Ms Andrews off:

And of course, in the manner of every Sun reader since Page 3 became a thing, blokes from all over Twitter jumped in to claim that admiring a woman's looks isn't sexist:

Whilst simultaneously throwing in some casual, condescending sexism. Smooth.

What do you reckon, though -- surprised that the fairer sex runs a site that's well-known for its collection of cheesy chat-up lines, or, like the good lady says, is this just 2013? [I Fucking Love Science via Guardian]