Your Cheap Booze Is Safe, as Cameron Pulls U-Turn On Minimum Alcohol Pricing

By Sam Gibbs on at

David Cameron's pulled a u-turn, which effectively means the cabinet's plans for a minimum price on alcohol has been scrapped. It should mean that you can still buy dirt-cheap cider and horrendous vodka, because that's what everyone wants, right?

The Prime Minister was planning on shoehorning a minimum price of 45p per unit of alcohol into the equation, which was designed to stop people binge drinking. Of course, that probably would have pushed up the price of alcohol across the board, as you know how these things end up affecting the consumer.

Anyway, Cameron's apparently trashed the idea for the Budget next week, which means cheap alcohol is safe. Whether that's a good thing, I don't know. At least you'll still be able to buy Super Tenants and White Lightning. Oh, wait. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Beer from Shutterstock