0800 Mobile Calling Fees Rip-Off Set to End

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the great modern injustices about using your mobile will soon come to an end, thanks to regulator Ofcom formally decreeing that it wants to unify freephone numbers and make 0800 lines free to call from our mobiles.

Ofcom wants to make calling charges clearer for consumers, that's the main idea. We know 0800 numbers are free from landlines, but how much is your mobile network charging you to ring them? Given that we tend to use mobiles to ring these numbers when we have no other choice (landline broken, car broken, lying bleeding in an alleyway), it usually feels pretty mean to be stuck on hold to a not-free freephone number despite having 3,000 supposedly free calling plan minutes on a contract.

Ofcom stakeholders need to formally approve the charging changes later this year, meaning we could see actually free-to-phone freephone numbers accessible on mobile from 2014. At the moment, if you want free freephone numbers on mobile right now, GiffGaff's the only way. [Ofcom via Techradar]