Bill Gates Suffers Unfortunate Trouser Incident in South Korea

By Gary Cutlack on at

No one's actually suggesting Bill Gates was gently fondling himself while shaking hands with South Korea's lady president Geun Hye Park, but his hand-in-pocket stance has caused massive offence due to breaking politeness rules in the country.

Gates greeted the President with a handshake, but, due to being a casual American dude who's totally relaxed about everything, he kept his left hand in his pocket while doing so. As well as making him look like a scruffy 16-year-old attending his first job interview, this is considered overly casual and markedly disrespectful in South Korea as it shows you're not giving the shakee your full attention.

At least he's wearing a suit. Imagine the fuss if it was Zuckerberg in his stained hoodie. He'd probably affectionately wedgie her and start a war.

The lady's not offended herself, though. The President's office released a statement telling the angry nation to reduce its DEFCON levels, saying: "Bill Gates took a similar pose for a picture when he met former President Lee Myung-bak five years ago. Just think of it as an American style of greeting." [NPR via The Register]

Image credit: YouTube