Co-Creator of Portal Working on Exclusive Ouya Game Soul Fjord

By Gary Cutlack on at

You might be expecting a sci-fi shooter from the co-creator and lead designer of Portal. But you'd be wrong. In fact, you'd be as wrong as it's possible to be, as the newest product from Aritight Games is actually a 70s funk themed rhythm-action dungeon adventure. Yes. Yes it really is.

The official game trailer for Soul Fjord is an utterly insane teaser with pumping organ music and a funky voice-over backing the action, akin to a retro cinema trailer. A 70s funkster supposedly sent by Odin will end up battling "disco wizards" as he smashes through dungeons, using a rhythm-action mechanic to manage the combat.

The trailer doesn't show much more, but at least we know we're going to see something properly innovative on the Ouya. And Soul Fjord is exclusive to the little Android powered machine. [ via Engadget]