Google Might Be Ditching Webkit, But There's One Version of Chrome That Just Can't Escape It

By Sam Gibbs on at

News came this morning that Google's going to fork Webkit, producing a new rendering engine called Blink. According to the developers, that's going to be a great thing for speed, and hopefully for memory usage on the desktop. On the mobile though, at least on the iPhone, Chrome's not going to escape the clutches of Webkit, probably ever.

That's because of Apple's policy of blocking web-rendering engines on iOS. All the third party "browsers" available on the iPhone, are essentially skins over a gimped version of Mobile Safari's webkit backend. That makes them slower than Safari, thanks to the lack of the Nitro javascript engine (unless you jailbreak of course), and locked to Webkit.

So, regardless of whether Google wants to dump Webkit, it won't be able to on iOS until Apple changes its App Store policy, and you know just how likely that is to happen, even if I, for one, wish it would.