Latest Samsung Galaxy Note III Rumour Suggests 5.99" Display and 3GB of RAM

By Gary Cutlack on at

The endless possible size and feature permutations of Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy Note III have taken a new twist, with an alleged photo of the Note III and accompanying tech specs suggesting it'll arrive with a 5.99" display. Which you could round up to 6" should a lady ask how much diagonal length you're packing.

The supposed photo of the Note III pictured alongside a Galaxy S4 shows a phone that uses the same design language as Samsung's latest and slightly squarer flagship model, complete with the usual physical Home key Samsung's still determinedly sticking with.

The tech specs provided by Chinese site MyDrivers claim the Note III will arrive with 3GB of RAM, which is a nice if rather useless upgrade, plus the specific model apparently photograhed contained 32GB of storage space. Which would do. If it's a real thing. [MyDrivers via Techradar]

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