Rumour: iPhone 5S Will Play "Me too" With a 12MP Camera

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yes, this is purely rumour, and while it could be completely off the mark, it seems like such common sense it totally shouldn't come as a surprise if this turns out to be real. Apparently Apple's looking at boosting the megapixel count of the next iPhone, supposedly called the iPhone 5S, to 12MP from 8MP. Mind blown.

The rumour, from the Vietnam bloggers who successfully predicted, and even had hands on with the Samsung Galaxy SIII way ahead of release, states that the iPhone 5S will pack a 12-megapixel camera with an improved night mode.

Considering everyone and their Mums have a 12MP shooter on the back, apart from HTC who's gone with 4 Ultrapixels instead, colour me unsurprised. Whether Apple has the imaging smarts to beat the competition, who knows. The iPhone's camera has always been pretty good; not the best, but up there in the running. Not that it'll make any difference of course; people will still line up to buy it in their droves even if it had a really crappy camera. [Tinhte via 9to5Mac]