Steve Jobs Approved iPhone 5 and the Next iPhone Design

By Gary Cutlack on at

Quotes from an Apple employee claim that the legendary Mr Jobs managed to have an input in the design on the iPhone 5 and whatever mobile hardware Apple launches this year, with a company liaison officer saying the design of the phones "preceded" the arrival of Tim Cook as boss.

The quote comes from Michael Foulkes, an Apple employee who was speaking to government representatives about ways to slow the problem of phone theft in the US. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón was after some sort of "kill switch" option to nuke stolen phones, but was confounded by the Apple man who told him the next generation of phones was already well under way, so not much can be done in the short term.

We think this might herald a new philosophy for Apple -- you can't criticise this new product because Steve Jobs had something to do with it. [SF Examiner via Guardian]

Image credit: Steve Jobs from Shutterstock