The Most Ridiculous iPod Dock Ever Made Now Has a Bluetooth Receiver too

By Sam Gibbs on at

Jean Michel Jarre's ridonkulous iPod dock (that we secretly, desperately want) now has a new trick. It's got a fancy-looking new Bluetooth receiver, because your £10,000-odd dock got made redundant by Apple's Lightning switch.

The AeroBluetooth looks awesome, but complements the insane-looking-yet-stylish AeroSystem One perfectly. Sadly, the Bluetooth adapter is just that. I doesn't really do anything fancy and is powered by AAs, although it does support APTX, so your streaming should be of high quality. Mind you, at £140 it's a snip compared to the asking price of the AeroSystem One itself, and if you had enough moolah to buy that, this is a no-brainer.

It's available in mat black, chrome, and white, so if you've got an AeroSystem One standing in your living room (if you do, call me OK?), then pop over to Selfridges to grab one next time you're in town. Or get your butler to do it, of course.