What's Inside an £8 Phone

By Eric Limer on at

Chance are you've owned a "free" phone at some point or another, a beater that cost zero-down with your contract. That's still nothing compared to this £8 off-contract phone pickup from the Mingtong Digital Mall. But what is in one of those? Not much.

The folks over at Bunnies Blog picked up one of the suckers and opened it up in what might be the most budget teardown in history. Inside the snap-together plastic case, there was a 32-bit, 260 MHz processor, 8MB of RAM, a two-colour OLED, and of course, a battery.

What's Inside a $12 Dollar Phone

But clearly, a beater phone this spare isn't likely to be your primary device; it's a backup that, for some reason or another, needs to be dispensable. And for £8, that's not a bad deal. You can hop over to Bunnie's blog for even more details on these remarkably cheap guts. [Bunnie's Blog]