Japan Has Actual Pants For Your Phone. No, Really.

By Sam Gibbs on at

Oh Japan, how we love thee. Although I have no idea why your stereotypical fascination with women's pants extends to gadgets, it's nice to see you catering for everyone's tastes regardless of how weird they are. Available in briefs, thongs, boxers and classic budgie-smugglers, there's something for everyone.

At least they protect your phone's fragile and often dust-filled slot in the bottom, I guess. They come in sizes fit for almost everyone, from XS (iPhone) to XXL (Galaxy Note II), although if you happen to be a Galaxy Mega kind of person you might have trouble squeezing yourself in.

A set of these beauties will set you back something in the region of £25 a pack, but please say you're never really going to buy 'em, yeah? [J Box via The Register]