Ofcom Simplifying Non-Geographic Numbers so We're Not Terrified of Calling Companies

By Gary Cutlack on at

Telecoms industry manager Ofcom is taking a long and hard look at the way it organises the non-geographic 03, 08 and 09 numbers in the UK, after it found that some callers avoid using them due to worries about being charged rip-off rates.

And it sounds like there's a very big reworking coming our way. Ofcom's Markham Sivak, who is in charge of the number review, said: "We have a complicated system. It is time to tidy it all up at once, not to make lots of little changes."

The proposed system will see us given a split calling fee for premium rate numbers, telling us the connection fee (which goes to your phone company) and the cost per minute, which is funnelled off to the company you're calling.

Couple these changes with the planned fiddling with the mobile freephone numbers and associated charges, and it's likely out phone directories won't be recognisable a few years from now. [BBC]

Image credit: Phone box from Shutterstock