Use This Massive Database of Call Centre Number Hacks to Get You Through to a Real Person

By Sam Gibbs on at

Nigel Clarke has done us all a solid. Having been infuriated by the filter systems of automated call centres, the retired IT man spent literally months on the phone, noting down call options to produce the ultimate database of call centre menu options. Now you can use it to navigate pretty much any customer service phone line like an absolute pro.

Apparently there are up to 80 different number combinations and call routes on some of the beastly automated systems. Now Clarke's takes the hassle out of trying to figure out the fastest route, saving you masses of time and preventing you going insane, lost in a mass-maze of touch-tone menu options.

I don't know about you, but I hate call centre menus so very much. At least now, armed with the correct sequence, I can charge through the buggers and actually get a sodding person on the other end of the blower. [ via BBC]