Android 4.3's Arrival Imminent as Images Leak and Samsung Prepares Google Edition Upgrade

By Gary Cutlack on at

Images have emerged showing a version of Google's next mobile OS update running on the Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4, with one lucky user's phone now updated to feature the 4.3 Jelly Bean code.

Although we currently can't buy the Google Edition Galaxy S4 here in the UK, what this means for us is that Google's clearly finished with its Android 4.3 update and has been distributing it to hardware makers like Samsung, so it ought to start hitting Nexus devices very shortly ahead of an arrival on other phones... some time later.

According to SamMobile which acquired the images of the updated phone, the Galaxy S4 Google Edition should see this update to Android 4.3 arrive officially this July. [SamMobile]

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