Anonymous Takes Out North (and South?) Korean Web Sites

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some angsty teens tied into the Anonymous hacking collective have begun attacking sites in North Korea as promised some time ago, in an effort to raise awareness of internet access and wider human rights issues in the country. And for good measure it seems to have taken out South Korea's presidential web site as well.

The latest attack joins the recent seizing of the communist country's official Twitter and Flickr sites by groups claiming to be part of the Anon group, with Anonymous posting a new list of demands, boasts about its previous hacking actions and general criticisms of the North Korean regime to text sharing site Pastebin.

However, one of the first targets would appear to be based in South Korea, where the official site of the president's office was taken down and replaced with the standard "We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion." message, accompanying a photo of the South Korean president.

Perhaps it's another innocent Korean mix-up? [TNW]

Image credit: North Korea from Shutterstock