Apparently the Government Spends £6,000 a Year Per Machine Maintaining Crappy Old PCs

By Sam Gibbs on at

No wonder the country's in a black hole of debt when we're forking out six-freaking grand a year PER MACHINE just to maintain them. You could buy a monster gaming PC for every computer user in the government for that little lot, and still have change enough for Photoshop. Most of them are still running XP too. It's ridiculous.

Normally you'd have to pour scepticism all over that kind of ludicrous number, but this particular figure came from the horse's mouth, apparently. The government's new COO Stephen Kelly let slip that, according to his figures, the country spends £6,000 per desktop per year. Now, if you take that at face value, you could safely consider the government's IT budgeting bods totally off their bleeding rocker. But it's more likely that Kelly is the one misfiring in the neural department, and that he needs to go back and re-sit his GCSE maths. At least, I seriously hope so; no offence to Mr. Kelly.

Anyway, he also said that it takes his PC a whole seven minutes in the morning to boot up, which equates to three days of his year waiting for his PC. Now that I can well believe. [V3]

Image credit: PC repair from Shutterstock