This Flood of Time-Wasting Nutjobs Caused the MoD to Stop Investigating UFOs

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new batch of letters and photos sent to the Ministry of Defence regarding UFO sightings has been released, showing exactly why they gave up investigating flying saucers in 2009 -- everyone was taking the piss and letting their kids send joke letters.

The new batch of correspondence with the MoD released by the National Archives sees a Carlisle man claim to be living with an alien and a case of a man from Cardiff who claims a UFO took his dog, car and tent while he was out on a camping trip. We are no experts in such matters, but suspect premium strength lager may have been involved in the latter case.

In fact, alien abduction is actually a police matter anyway, as the MoD explained in one of its responses to the idiots: "In your answerphone message, you informed us that your dog and possessions were abducted. Abduction, kidnap and theft are criminal offences and therefore would be a matter for the civilian police, not the MoD." Oh, and if you fancy browsing the UFO archives yourself, there's even an app for that. [National Archives via Guardian]