Just Because You Can Design Amazing F1 Cars Doesn't Mean You Can Drive

By Sam Gibbs on at

Red Bull's legendary car designer, Adrian Newey, might be able to sculpt arguably the fastest and best cars in Formula One, but that doesn't mean he can drive, as he clearly demonstrates in this catastrophic warm-up lap. Oh, the horror.

Imagine this: You're in a super-expensive race-spec Lamborghini and you're on your warm-up lap, trying to put heat into your tyres, ready to burn rubber at Silverstone in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe championship. Unfortunately, you overcook your weaves and bin it straight into the barrier before the race has even started. Worse still, the damage is enough to put you out of the race and you have to drive with your head hung in shame, back to the pits.

Best leave the driving to Webber and Vettel, eh Adrian? Ouch. [YouTube via Jalopnik]