Proof That Some Lawyers Have a Sense of Humour

By Chris Mills on at

Lawyers are generally regarded as slightly above pond scum and patent trolls in the morality and humour scales; but if anything will prove that wrong, it's this hilarious letter sent pro bono in response to a cease-and-desist letter, which can only be described as a work of genius.

The story goes like this: do-gooder resident of a town in the United States creates a website about his local town, West Orange, at The local folk took offence, for whatever reason, and the municipal lawyer was dispatched to send a jargon-heavy cease-and-desist letter to poor Mr Freivald, instructing him to take down his website as it might be causing "confustion" [sic], blah blah legal jargon Latin.

Rather than rolling over and surrendering his digital masterpiece, however, Mr Freivald lawyered up and enlisted the help of high-flying corporate lawyer Stephen Kaplitt, who agreed to work on a pro-bono basis. He sent back a lyrical work of genius, that absolutely has to be read to be appreciated. Here it is, in all its legal glory:

[Above the Law via Gawker]