Shooting Challenge #19 - The Winner Is...

By Martin Snelling on at

It's that time again; time to announce the winner of our most recent Shooting Challenge - the subject of which was 'kitchen gadgets'. As usual, you didn't disappoint in terms of your images, and the creative process behind them. However, there can be only one winner this week, and that person not only gets to go "YAAAAY! I won a Gizmodo Shooting Challenge!", they also get a new watch courtesy of our chums over at Tokyoflash.

So, congratulations this week go to Phil Ward for his striking image of a Japanese pestle & mortar - it's simple, clean and just works as both an image and tool. Phil used his new Nikon D600 and a cheapish (his words) Tamron 90mm lens.

Here's some words from Phil: "This is a Japanese pestle & mortar with crushed dried red chillies, every so often you want to do some real or inspired cooking and this is the sort of gadget that helps - when summer comes back I think it's chilli burger time, yum."

Honorable mentions must go to the following people:

Andrew Wilson for going beyond the call of duty - safety first fella, safety first!

Andy Adams - great use of water

Spencer Hart for creative placement of kitchen objects (and they made me laugh!)

Steven Hyde - fantastic concept

And.... Luke Plastow because he'll probably cry if he doesn't get a mention and for the fact that his lasagne in the oven photo made me genuinely giggle.

You can see all of this week's entries on the Flickr page; do tell us if you've a favourite.

Again, thanks to everyone that submitted their images. There will, of course, be another Shooting Challenge for you next week. And who knows, maybe another prize, if the editrix is in a generous mood.