Take a Street View Tour of That Wicked Ghost Island From Skyfall

By Sam Gibbs on at

Remember when Javier Bardem occupied that dead island off the coast of Japan in Bond's latest epic? Well, now you can take a whirlwind tour and explore the mysterious, abandoned tower-block town for yourself from the comfort of your computer. Thanks Google.

The island was set up as a coal-mining outpost, basically, but was abandoned in 1974, with all 5,000 or so of its occupants jumping ship to the mainland because the coal ran out. While the island in Skyfall was fictional, it was inspired by the crumbling visage that is Hashima.

At least its broken-down buildings and over-grown grass-covered roads have been preserved in digital form for all eternity. Take a virtual walk around, and let us know if you spot anything really cool in the comments. [Google via Engadget]