Want to Be More Attractive to Women? Wear a White T-Shirt

By Sam Gibbs on at

Science is continuing its quest to help ugly men get laid. This time researchers have found that a plain white T-shirt with a large black letter T printed on it made men up to 12 per cent more attractive to women. Combine that with the correct amount of stubble and you'll be laughing all the way back to your place.

A team from Nottingham Trent University discovered that the humble white T-shirt bestows upon men the illusion of the classic V-shaped masculine body, regardless of whether or not you're a muscle-bound hulk. Essentially the T printed on the front draws the eyes up top, broadening the appearance of your shoulders and slimming your waistline, while the white colour obfuscates the truth -- that you've got a tyre around your midriff.

The important bit is that the top bar of the letter T needs to be at least as long, if not longer, than the downward shaft of the T. That focuses the eyes on your shoulders and away from your stomach, which enhances your attractiveness and masculinity, apparently.

The researchers also discovered that an upside-down letter T has the opposite effect, even making classically-attractive V-shaped men less desirable, which could come in handy if you've got a mate who's showing you up a bit as you strut down the street.

For those interested, the magic waist-to-chest ratio is apparently between 0.7 and 0.8, so if you're lucky enough to have shoulders 20 per cent wider than your waist, you're quids in already. [Telegraph]