Windows 8.1 Start Button Also Lets Power Users Shut it Down

By Gary Cutlack on at

The all-new (cough) Windows 8.1 and its glorious return of the start button to Windows design canon is set to be even more exciting than previously thought, with early users of the 8.1 Preview code reporting it also comes with the usual hardcore right-click options for quick access to more features.

The spotting comes via Twitter, where a man using the Windows Server 2012 R2 code has been posting images of his early findings. You can now, for example, have your computer shutdown and/or restart by right-clicking on the start button, just like in the old days when useful features didn't have to be hidden away behind needless user interfaces.

And, when the Windows 8.1 Preview code launches on June 26th, Microsoft is also rumoured to be launching a downloadable ISO containing all of the updates rolled up into one, making it easier for hardcore users to whack it onto several machines or manage their dual-boot installs. [Twitter via Engadget]