Wow These Beautiful Animation Videos Are Ads for... McDonald's

By Casey Chan on at

You usually know an ad for McDonald's when you see it. They're either ethnically diverse group of friends who stay impossibly thin even though they eat at Mickey D's, perfectly dressed burgers and fries that you can almost smell, so on and so forth. Or some depressed-looking workers trying to escape the morning grind. These ads are not like that. They're abstract animations that show McDonald's in a completely different way.

Created by Helsinki-based animation studio Pinata, the video has 2D animation effects, 3D elements, and particle simulation. It's a moving piece of art, basically. McDonald's released these three video ads for its McDonald's MyBurger competition in Finland. The video above is like a dark short you'd see from a scrappy Dreamworks. I can hardly believe it's for McDonald's. [Pinata via PSFK]