Air Traffic Failure Currently Delaying Flights in and out of England

By Gary Cutlack on at

Jersey Airport managed to break news of a large problem with the UK's air traffic control systems today, with the airport notifying the country (via Facebook) that flights were suspended for around 25 minutes earlier this morning due to an air traffic control computer problem.

The glitch was reported at 10.00am and was apparently triggered by an air-traffic radar system failure in Swanwick where the National Air Traffic Control Services is based. Reports claim there's a knock-on effect delaying flights right now, with some EasyJet flights delayed and issues with some local BA flights.

While the Jersey Airport Facebook account user claimed there had been a "temporary suspension of all flights in and out of UK air space," NATS countered this pretty quickly, saying: "Important to note this issue has not closed UK airspace. Aircraft are still moving, but restrictions are in place to ensure safety." [Telegraph]

Image credit: Air traffic from Shutterstock