BT's Full-Bore 300Mbps Fibre Will Only Cost £50 a Month

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've heard many times before that BT's been testing its stonkingly quick 300Mbps fibre, but now we have a price and a rough timeframe. 300Mbps can be yours for just £50 a month (plus line rental, of course) from later this year. No traffic shaping, no limits, just absolutely blazing broadband.

The catch? You have to have fibre plumbed into your home. That means full fibre to the premises, aka FTTP or FTTH, and right now only 50 of BT's exchanges currently support it. BT told us that 50 exchanges covers roughly 100,000 people in the UK, and it's not just those in urban areas either. Exact locations and what you can get relies on OpenReach rather than the consumer-facing side of BT direct, but there's a handy checker you can use to work out whether you're capable of ordering up FTTP once it's available later this year.

Precise timing for the roll out of 300Mbps broadband was a closely guarded secret -- probably because OpenReach hasn't set it in stone just yet -- but it'll be soon, we were reliably informed. And for just £50 a month too, which might sound pricy, but that's a whole lot of unfettered access to the internet you'll have there.

We'll let you know when we've got more information, but for now, just think what you could do with truly unlimited 300Mbps broadband. It boggles the mind.

Image cache: Speed from Shutterstock