Guess Which Broadband Provider Sucks the Most?

By Chris Mills on at

Ofcom has just published its shit list for ISPs: a little document detailing which broadband provider is the most bitched-about. The findings? Well, all the broadband providers need to up their game, apparently, but like a bad villain, the same ISP remains right at the back of the doghouse.

Orange/EE have now scored a hat-trick of complaints, being the most-whined-about broadband for nine months running. Among phone companies, TalkTalk also receives a slapping for having double the industry average of complaints, which is actually a rise from the last quarter. The best broadband provider is Virgin Media, generating only a quarter of the complaints that Orange managed.

Thankfully, Orange's sibling, T-Mobile, isn't left out: it picks up the most complaints about mobile phone contracts, ironically due to its poor complaint handling.

Check out your own ISP here, and then come back to have a further moan in the comments. Remember, while it might not do much, it's cheaper than getting a therapist. Or fibre. [Ofcom via Guardian]

Image credit: Wires from Shutterstock