Have You Ever Mistaken the Airplane Emergency Exit for a Toilet?

By Chris Mills on at

A Sri Lanken cricketer on his way to London yesterday apparently spent two minutes tugging at the door of his airplane, trying to to open it, because he thought it was the toilet. This begs many questions, most pressingly: how strong is the booze on British Airways nowadays?

The incident occured somewhere between St Lucia, Gatwick, and the second and third bottles of white. While the BA plane was merrily cruising along at 35,000 feet, an unnamed member of the Sri Lanken cricket team, down a drink or seven, decided to go to the loo, but didn't quite twig that the toilet was inside, not on the other side of the door. BA have so far remained fairly schtum on the matter, only saying that "There was a minor incident on board the BA2158 service from St Lucia to Gatwick involving a customer who we believe had been drinking". [The Independent]

Image credit: Drunk woman from Shutterstock