Jaguar's Pimped-Up F-Type Speedster Is Pure Car Pornography

By Chris Mills on at

The machines on display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed are well-known for their propensity to make car enthusiasts a little aroused; but Jag's modified, carbon-fibre no-roof F-Type is a whole new type of gorgeous.

The one-off Project 7 Concept was designed as a nod to the famous D-Type, of Le Mans-winning fame. The outside is carbon fibre frills on a more standard aluminium body, with a sky-blue paint job and evocative '7's on the outside, a nod to the seven Le Mans wins (boasters).

Of course, a pretty face is nothing without a bit of kick under the bonnet. The same 5-litre V8 as the production F-Type is sitting in there, though tuned to deliver an extra 54bhp, up to 550bhp. That's good for a blistering 4.1-second 0-60, though the top speed remains the same, at 186mph.

More fascinating than the project, though, is the speed at which the build was turned around: just 4 months from concept to, um, concept. [Wired]