Jay-Z's Pirated Magna Carta Holy Grail App Is Full of Trojans

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's the 4th of July, which means the US is on holiday. Something about breaking away from a really great country. Anyway, it's also the day when legions of eager Samsung-using Jay Zed fans manage to get their mitts on his new album early. Thing is, pirates have already been there, done that, and gotten the malware-infused T-shirt.

McAfee (the company, not the man who's clearly off the rails), has discovered that the pirated Jay Z app, which you can pull down from not-so-legal sources onto any Android phone, not just Samsung devices, has a nasty little Trojan embedded in it.

The app seems to function normally, until it reaches out and downloads a load of evil little packages and changes your background to some sort of anti-NSA PRISM-related propaganda. That might be all it does, which'll be annoying, but easily dealt with. However, McAfee hasn't yet ruled out more poisonous traits, like data pinching, money stealing, that kind of thing. Best steer clear of it. It's not like the album's not available to download everywhere already anyway. [McAfee]

Image credit: Malware from Shutterstock