Just How Fast Is EE's Double Speed 4G?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Now that EE's just switched on its double speed LTE network in 12 towns and cities across the UK, we thought we'd best go have a wander about central London and test out the network. Is it actually any faster than it used to be, just three days ago?

We took a 4G-packing HTC One out for a spin in central, south and west London, to test it in different areas of the city, to see if we could get a good idea of whether people can actually pull down data any faster. Armed with the trusty SpeedTest app, we hit the streets.

Unfortunately, at least in our little anecdotal tests, we didn't actually see any speed improvements. It was fast -- mostly in the five to 10Mbps range -- but no great improvement over what we were seeing pre-double speed activation on EE's LTE network.


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In fact, the fastest we managed in our real-world tests was just 15.7Mbps, admittedly with a faster 22.5Mbps upload speed. Considering we've easily managed around 20Mbps down before, we weren't impressed with the results.

It could be that where we were the congestion on the network prevented the double speed 4G from actually furnishing us with the average 24-30Mbps we were promised. But then, that's what it's actually going to be like on the ground.

Colour us unimpressed for now. We haven't seen any difference in speed since EE flicked the switch, but have you? Has anyone actually hit the projected speeds EE reckons we should get on average?