Microsoft's Corporate Shakeup Further Merges Windows Products

By Ashley Feinberg on at

In a move that only further closes the gap between the quickly merging Windows worlds, Microsoft has shuffled itself around in what Steve Ballmer terms "a far-reaching realignment of the company."

More specifically, Terry Myerson — formerly of Windows phone fame specifically — will be heading up the entire OS department, including Windows and Xbox software and systems. Additionally, Julie Larson-Green will now be heading all hardware development, a turn from her previous, strictly Windows position.

According to Ballmer, this shakeup is being implemented with the hopes that it will "enable [Microsoft] to innovate with grater speed, efficiency, and capability in a fast changing world." While all of this is significant, none is all that surprising considering the rate at which Microsoft has been taking steps to turn its lineup into a single, cohesive ecosystem.

You can read the full company memo over at All Things D. [All Things D]