Motorola Bigs Up DIY Customisation in Moto X Teaser Advert

By Gary Cutlack on at

Motorola's just about ready to launch a new kind of mobile phone, and in keeping with previous rumours, it would appear that some sort of heavy physical customisation options will appear alongside the launch.

An advert teasing the launch of the device claims it's "The first smartphone that you can design yourself," which tallies with earlier reports that the new model will let users specify case colours and perhaps even internal spec and build materials at the point of purchase. Here's the full ad, for your analysis:

The worrying thing for us lot here is how Motorola's keen to talk about how the phone's built in the US, and designed for US users, by US users. Would a customisable hardware project be something it (and owner Google) will bother bringing to Europe at all, where Motorola's not exactly a household name these days?

The ad references tomorrow's July 4th US fried food eating celebrations, so we should see Motorola properly reveal the Moto X and its plans in the next day or so. Keep you eye on whatever you use to monitor RSS feeds these days for more information. [Ad Age via The Verge]