Not Even God Can Stop the Pirates

By Sam Gibbs on at

You'd think, given that most religions dictate that stealing is wrong, piracy would drop or at least stay constant over religious holidays, but no. It seems God-fearing folk like to pirate just as much as the rest of us -- piracy actually increased by 30 per cent over Ramadan.

Now, you can argue until you're blue in the face that piracy technically isn't stealing, but there's no way you can argue that it's moral in the eyes of religion at least. Well, apparently if the content isn't available in your region, and you pirate it solely for the pursuit of knowledge, then it's fine by Islam, but I'll leave that debate to those much more versed than me (an atheist) in religious teachings. For anyone that's actually interested in the ins and outs of piracy and Islam, TorrentFreak's got a good breakdown that's worth reading.

Anyway, it seems piracy increased by something in the region of 30 per cent in Jordan and the surrounding areas during Ramadan. Which just goes to show that people don't care about piracy; even those who believe in God. Maybe everyone bought that rip-off stonking box set and needed a digital copy to go with it? Still, it's better than fighting I suppose. [Jordan Times via TorrentFreak]

Image credit: Zeus from Shutterstock