Pixar-Inspired Animation Explains the NSA Perfectly

By Mario Aguilar on at

Even sitting in the safety of a British office, the NSA is creepy as hell. Luckily, the Internet found a way to make the whole spying-on-you clusterdiddle fun with a poignant animation that channels the playful Pixar Lamp of yore. How cute.

In the animation above, you'll see our old friend the lamp, except this time he's a security camera and the word on the screen is USA. The story proceeds as we know it will. The security camera bounces on the "U" in USA until he accidentally crushes it. When the camera turns to look at us in shame, the "USA" now reads "NSA". It's just as clever as it is depressing T_T.

It appears the animation originated on Reddit, with user joystick354 suggesting the concept in storyboard-form. From there, skilled user Sqorck jumped into action, animating the concept from start to finish. He even made an alternate take (below) that has a more unsettling ending, which suggests the invisibility of the NSA's persistent spying. Well done, everybody!

Now, where's the one for GCHQ -- I'll be impressed if anyone can pull that off. [Reddit via Twitter]